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Nate Wells

sports scientist

Nathan grew up in Duluth, MN where he began his coaching career after suffering a knee injury which sidelined him from continuing his athletic career. He currently works as the Sports Scientist for Minnesota Post Grad where he works with the Strength and Conditioning and baseball staffs to utilize scientifically guided practices to improve the health and performance for MPG Athletes.

Prior to his time with Minnesota Post Grad, Nathan has accrued over 9 years of coaching experience with 7 of those being dedicated to improving the performance of athletes. He got his feet wet in the industry working as a high school strength and conditioning coach where he trained every possible MSHL sport.


Nathan then moved to the Twin Cities area to pursue his master’s degree in Sport and Exercise Science. While attending the University of Minnesota, he worked as a Sports Science intern with men’s and women’s hockey, men’s swimming, and Women’s Soccer. Upon finishing his Master’s degree, Nathan continued working through Minnesota’s professional internship program as an Assistant Performance Coach for Men’s and Women’s Basketball, Golf, and the Spirit Squads.

Throughout the course of Nathan’s career, he has worked in both the collegiate and private sectors working with clinical populations as well elite athletes and military populations. Utilizing research guided practices, he provides a unique blend of training with actionable insights to bring together the fields of Athletic Medicine and Athletic Performance.

Wells currently has a BS in Exercise Science, and M.Ed. in Sports and Exercise Science, CSCS, RPR L2, FMS L1, and HPBT. He Currently lives in Saint Paul, MN.

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