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What is Minnesota Post Grad

Minnesota Post Grad is a post high school college baseball program designed to play a collegiate schedule and assist players on their next baseball venture, whether it is professional or college athletics.

MPG does not have time limitations like HS or college athletics. You are able to spend more time on development (strength, speed, conditioning, and skills). You lose no college eligibility while gaining college exposure and experience.

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Our post graduate program offers graduated seniors or those who have moved on from high school an affordable opportunity to enhance themselves athletically and personally.  At MPG success is not measured by wins, but by personal development and placement to next level.  MPG offers a rigorous schedule that will prepare athletes for the challenges that await them in college, learning to balance athletics and personal responsibilities.  Our staff works with each athlete to make sure their individual needs and goals are met, so they can transition to the next phase of their lives, not only as athletes, but well-rounded character driven, responsible young men. Our mission remains: Help the most dedicated and passionate succeed by enabling them to rise up and maximize their inherent potential.

Why Choose Minnesota Post Grad

  • Enhances player profile and extends planning and searching for the right fit

  • Collegiate and pro experienced coaching

  • Gives young and/or undersized graduates another year to develop

  • Gives extra time for those who have been injured

  • Gives a year to better your academic standing without losing a year of eligibility

  • No time restrictions on your athletic development

  • Allows player to develop social and time management skills


  • Limited opportunities and roster spots available at many colleges across the country due to COVID-19

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MPG Background yellow Cracks.png

Program Schedule

Semester 1: August 30 – December 21

Semester 2: January 10 – May 11

Travel Schedule

Tampa, FL: February 20-26

Dallas, TX: March 25-31

Wichita, KS: April 6-12

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Daily Schedule Example

9:00 - Team Meeting

9:30 - Dynamic / Warm Up

9:45 - Offensive Work

10:45 - Strength Training

11:50 - Protein Supplementing

12:00 - Lunch

1:00 - Positional Meetings

1:20 - Individual Skill Work

2:00 - On Field Team Defense

3:00 - Agility / Speed Training

3:20 - Individual Meetings

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Game Schedule

MPG will play a 40-50 game season in the spring, starting in January and running into May. We will play teams in Texas, Florida, Kansas, and the upper Midwest across all levels across NJCAA, NCAA, and NAIA.


Blast Motion

Sensor-based swing analysis with auto-edited video clips

Analyze and improve swing plane, connection, and rotation.

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Biomechanical Evaluations & Slow Motion Video Analysis

MPG utilizes biomechanical evaluation, high speed slow motion video (900 frames per second), and ProPlayAI technology to evaluate the entire kinetic chain, including angular relationships, range of motion, and dynamic interactions of body movements, to modify, improve, and overturn athletes individual mechanical deficiencies.

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pro play i.png


Captures pitching and hitting metrics including velocity, spin rate, spin efficiency and vertical/horizontal break, launch angle, exit velocity, and distance.

Utilized by our coaches to provide real time feedback during bullpen sessions.


Driveline Programing

MPG hitters will develop their offensive game by utilizing overload/underload technology with individually designed movement prep, base drills to increase both exit velocity and barrel accuracy.

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Certified Strength & Conditioning Coach

Certified Performance & Weightlifting Coach

With two dedicated strength performance professionals on staff, with division 1 experience, athletes will see results in the weight room that will directly impact on field performance.

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Nutrition Training

Nutrition guidance allows athletes to manage their bodily intake to not only improve from an athletic standpoint, but to develop healthy, sustainable nutritional habits.


Programed Throwing Progression

PlyoCare Development


All players will will be on an individual throwing, plyocare, arm care, and weighted ball program to build arm strength, increase velocity and improve command and accuracy.

Florida Baseball Ranch Savage Training

MPG leverages the Savage training to build specific adaptation through variability and goal directed experiences to maximize instability movements.

6-8 hours Dedicated Training per Day

Unlike most collegiate programs, MPG has no limitations and no restrictions on training time, allowing athletes to maximize their development.

Full Time Position Specific Coaches 

With six dedicated coaches, each athlete will get the necessary individual attention to improve his game.

Collegiate Game Schedule

At MPG players will play against colleges from all levels, gaining valuable experience, while maintaining all future athletic eligibility.

College Recruiting Advising 

Not getting the attention of college coaches, look no further. MPG's enhanced recruiting process and vast network of college coaches will assist athletes in finding their ideal destination.

Athletic Development

Our high performance development model takes players from their current level to new heights. With prioritizing development on the individual level, each MPG athlete will see growth his his needed areas.

Using a systematic, sequential and progressive approach to balance the development of strength, power, speed, agility, endurance, flexibility, and the mental approach we are able to streamline the development process.

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Strength and Performance 

Minnesota Post Grad utilizes a holistic training approach derived from years of collegiate experience. Our performance team currently is composed of our Strength and Conditioning Coach, Landon Messner, and our Sports Scientist, Nate Wells. Our Performance Staff works closely with all facets of our coaching staff to ensure that what we do in training translates to improvements on the field. Utilizing data to drive decision making and address individual weaknesses, our performance staff uses cutting edge research guided methods to improve our athletes with improved nutrition, recovery, and training capabilities.


Personal development

The success of Minnesota Post Grad is built on developing the athlete as a whole person, not just the athlete. Athletes will learn personal responsibility, time and stress management, and other life skills that will prepare them for college life and future success. In addition to actively engaging in community service events, athletes will have access to work opportunities that include umpiring tournaments, field crew work, youth academy coaching, and individual baseball lessons.

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apparel and Uniforms

MPG is proud to have an exclusive uniform and apparel deal with Nike. Players will be fitted head to toe with Nike gear. Each athlete will receive a player pack containing t-shirts, long sleeve, sweat shirts, sweat pants, shorts, hats, & more.

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  • 10 Professional Batting Tunnels 

  • State of the Art Weight Room

  • 4 Pitching Mounds 

  • 90,000 square foot Off-Site Field House

  • 15,000 square foot Training Facility

  • 12,500 square foot Open Turf Space

Weight Rooms 2.jpg


  • Indoor Swimming Pool

  • Indoor Hot Tub and Sauna

  • Golf Simulator  

  • Game Room with Big Screens

  • Billiards & Shuffleboard

  • Fitness Center

  • Yoga Studio

  • Clubroom with full kitchen

  • Outdoor sundeck

  • Business center

Located 4 blocks from MPG's training faculty, the City Walk Apartments of Woodbury are viable accommodations for MPG players.


Room features

  • Spacious open-concept floor plans

  • Upgraded kitchens

  • Stainless steel appliances

  • Granite countertops

  • Built-in bookshelves

  • Spacious living areas

  • Elegant wood flooring

  • Fireplaces

  • Oversized bedrooms with large windows

  • Spacious bathrooms with designer finishes

  • Private patios/balconies available


Players can enhance their academic profile and athletic ability with no impact to their NCAA eligibility.


We encourage players to take general education classes either online or in person to work toward a degree, but it is not an MPG requirement.

Players can maintain all athletic eligibility, as long as they are not a full time student.  

​MPG schedules time weekly, that is blocked off for players to take classes or work on school work.

There are several great local colleges, close to MPG's facilities for players take in person or online classes from.  Players may elect to take courses from the institution of their choice. 

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MPG uses a vast network of collegiate connections across the country to help guide players through the recruiting process.  MPG Individualizes the recruiting process to find each player the ideal fit, that factors in playing level, talent level, academic priorities, financial needs, school size, and geographic region. 

MPG has placed players to all governing bodies of college baseball, NCAA, NCJAA, and NAIA, competing amongst all levels D1, D2, and D3.

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