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  • Who is eligible for the Post Grad Program?
    MPG is an affordable option for aspiring student-athletes from the United States and abroad that have graduated or moved on from high school to advance their athletic standing.
  • Who do you play?
    MPG will play collegiate games against NCAA, NJCAA, and NAIA opponents, across all levels (D1, D2, & D3).
  • Where do you play?
    We are one of the few Post Grads who travel outside of their region for games. Playing games in Florida, Texas, Kansas, Oklahoma, North Dakota, Wisconsin, Michigan, Iowa, and Minnesota. Playing games across the country increases the experience, exposure, and visibility for our players.
  • What does the typical roster look like?
    MPG does not over recruit. Our ideal roster consists of two players at each position and 12-15 pitchers.
  • Where do players live?
    Players live in apartments just three blocks from our training facility. Living arrangements are set up and facilitated by the MPG staff.
  • Does a player have to take classes?
    Players do not need to take classes while at MPG. We do encourage athletes take part time classes to improve their academic standing.
  • Can a player work a job while at MPG?
    Yes, players will have time to work part time while at MPG. MPG also will help facilitate players with individual lesson instruction, coaching local fall club teams, and umpiring opportunities.
  • Are there Scholarship Opportunities?
    Scholarships are very limited at MPG, we pride ourselves on being one of the most, if not the most affordable Post Grad in the Country.
  • What's the best way to learn more about MPG?
    The best way for prospective players and families to learn more about the program is to fill out our questionnaire and schedule a zoom meeting with the coaching staff! Visits to our facility with our coaching staff are welcome year-round!
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