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Minnesota Post Grad is an elite baseball performance organization that is committed to the advancement of its players to the collegiate level through individualized player and team development, exposure, academic preparation, and college competition.  MPG does not have limitations, like high school or college athletics, so you are able to spend more time on development, while gaining recruiting exposure and playing experience, while maintaining all your college eligibility.

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Minnesota Post Grad offers graduated seniors or those who have moved on from high school an affordable opportunity to enhance themselves athletically and personally.

Our staff works with each athlete to make sure their individual needs and goals are met, so they can transition to the next phase of their lives, not only as athletes, but well-rounded character driven, responsible young men. Our mission remains: Help the most dedicated and passionate succeed by enabling them to rise up and maximize their inherent potential.


At MPG success is not measured by wins, but by personal development and placement to next level. MPG offers a rigorous schedule that will prepare athletes for the challenges that await them in college, learning to balance athletics and personal responsibilities.

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"We are in a period where player development has become he major focus in baseball from MLB down.  It's very important your time and development are maxamized.  A program like MPG, will save a year of your NCAA elgibility, and allow you to train and develope your skills to fully maxamize your career."

Bryan Conger

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